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If you want green cleaning that is as effective as it is environmentally friendly, then Ozone (O3) is the choice for you. Traditional cleaning methods can temporarily address surface contaminants in the rooms you take the time – or spend the money – to scrub or mop. But they can leave behind irritating residue and odors that aggravate many health conditions.

In contrast, Ozone completely destroys all pathogens in the air and on surfaces – even in the cracks and crevices that traditional cleaners can’t reach. And Ozone quickly “breaks down” into Oxygen, leaving the air pure and odor free.

Ozone cleaning is ideal for:

  • Seniors
  • Allergy sufferers
  • Asthma sufferers
  • Individuals with impaired immune systems
  • Families with young children

What’s “that smell”?
If you have to ask, it’s probably not good. That’s because most offensive odors are the byproduct of living bacteria and other microorganisms. “That smell” may be evidence of current or recent unsanitary conditions.

Ozone is safe and effective.
Ozone destroys pathogens when it is produced on-site over a period of time in amounts greater than normally found in the air we breathe. This process should only be performed by experienced professionals who adhere to OSHA safety guidelines.

While there are Ozone generators sold for personal use, they may not produce enough Ozone to work effectively. And if they did, it wouldn’t be safe for people or pets to be present.

O3 Magic has extensive Ozone purification experience and can provide cost-effective services for large or small residences.

  • Single-family Homes
  • Apartments & Condos
  • Managed Properties
  • Senior Housing & Care Facilities

Additional services:
Mold & Mildew Removal: Thorough removal of the unsightly mold and mildew stains after it’s been killed the Ozone treatment

Construction/Restoration: Mold and mildew are typically found in poorly structured or inadequately ventilated areas. Our construction partners can address the underlying structural problems and restore the space to better-than-ever condition

Ozone Works at Home. Call today for your Free Consultation. 651-204-9952



  • Odor elimination
  • Air sanitation
  • Surface sanitation
  • Mold remediation


  • Cigarette odor/cigar odor
  • Pet odor
  • Cooking odor
  • VOCs from paint and carpeting
  • Residual odors from previous tenants
  • Much, much more


  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Bedbugs
  • Dust Mites


  • Absolutely zero residue –
    safe for sensitive individuals and pets
  • Same-day service –
    no extended vacancy
  • Large and small areas –
    from one bedroom to multi-story homes