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Ozone clean passes even the toughest inspection. Health and safety inspectors can stop by at any time, but your customers’ day-to-day scrutiny and positive experience really impacts your bottom line.

O3 Magic delivers the most effective green clean that businesses can use.
When properly utilized, Ozone (O3) sanitizes every surface and even the air, eradicating the contaminants that cause illness and leaving absolutely zero odor or residue behind. In fact, Ozone begins “breaking down” into Oxygen in as little as a few minutes.

How we work.
To maximize sanitation and odor control, O3 Magic implements intensive Ozone treatments when patrons and employees are not present. The amount of time this takes varies by square footage and what type of pathogen or odor is being eliminated. In almost all cases, businesses operate normal hours.

We offer:

  • Flexible service hours to accommodate your business.
  • Customized service plans to address your needs and budget.
  • Experienced and professional staff.

Additional services:
Ozone is “nature’s purifier,” but it doesn’t sweep, mop or scrub. O3 Magic can help you address the underlying causes of persistent odors and contaminants. When combined with our Ozone treatment plans, our services are cost-effective and efficient.

Conventional Cleaning Services: Detailed floor-to-ceiling cleaning for restaurants, bars and nightclubs and other commercial facilities.

Mold/Mildew Remediation: Thorough removal of the unsightly stains left behind by the mold and mildew killed by the Ozone treatment.

Construction/Restoration: Mold and mildew are typically found in poorly structured or inadequately ventilated areas. Our construction partners can address the underlying structural problems and refinish the space once it’s fixed.

Ozone Works for Business. Call today and learn how we can work for you. 651-204-9952

Where Ozone Works


  • Bars & Nightclubs
    Kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, taps, backstage, dressing areas
  • Restaurants
  • Kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, taps
  • Senior Housing & Facilities
    Bedrooms, kitchens, entries, visiting rooms, medical rooms
  • Managed Properties
    Apartments, homes, common areas,
    fitness facilities, gaming rooms
  • Vehicle Fleets
    Interiors of cars, trucks, vans, boats
  • Hotels
    Guest rooms, lobbies, restaurants, bathrooms, meeting rooms


  • Air Purification
  • Surface Sanitation
  • Odor Elimination