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O3 Magic is a Minneapolis-based company that specializes in Ozone (O3) cleaning for commercial and residential customers. We help our customers maintain healthy places to live and work through the effective use of Ozone as an air and surface purifier and odor eliminator.

Ozone is a powerful green sanitizer.
Industry has used Ozone for years to effectively sanitize common surfaces and substances, including some foods and drinking water.

To work as effectively as an air and surface sanitizer, Ozone is produced on-site in amounts greater than normally found in the air we breathe. While there are Ozone generators sold for personal use, they may not produce enough Ozone to work effectively. And if they did, it wouldn’t be safe for people or pets to be present.

Trust Minnesota’s only Ozone sanitizing specialists: we have the experience to accurately evaluate the space and develop a customized Ozone decontamination solution that is as safe as it is effective.



O3 Magic
PO Box 390642
Minneapolis, MN 55439