We eliminate odors.

Ozone clean is a whole new definition of “squeaky clean.” If you want green cleaning that’s as effective as it is environmentally and people friendly, then Ozone (O3) is the best choice for you. Ozone completely destroys all pathogens in the air and on surfaces – even in the cracks and crevices that conventional cleaning doesn’t reach. And Ozone quickly “breaks down” into Oxygen (O2), leaving the air pure and odor free.

We are Minnesota’s only Ozone sanitizing specialists. When performed by professionals, Ozone sanitation is the cleanest, greenest method of efficiently decontaminating and deodorizing any indoor space. Unlike chemical sanitizers, Ozone leaves no unhealthy surface residue or unpleasant odor behind. And Ozone saves time and money because it doesn’t require a “second cleaning” to rinse away the toxic residue other chemicals leave behind.

O3 Magic is a revolution in clean. Call us at 651-204-9952 for a free consultation.